Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

 Business Central is Microsoft's

most modern, connected, simple,

flexible and scalable end-to-end business management software.


Integrate your accounting, finance, tax,

sales and service, supply chain, inventory,

project management and manufacturing operations.


Leverage it on your servers or in the cloud and connect it to your other Microsoft products

(Power BI, Power Apps, MS Flow, etc.)

or your own systems to make

the most complete solution

tailored to your needs.

Licensing and versions

On-premises versions


"On-premises" means that the software will run on own premises or on-site. This definition of on-premises refers to the use of the customer's own servers and computing environment. In this model, the customer gets full control of the data and also takes full responsibility at his own risk.


CADIA currently offers its "On-premises" localization for all versions of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, as well as for all versions of MS Dynamics NAV (Navision).



SaaS versions


"SaaS" or Software as a Service means that the software will run, via the Internet cloud, on the provider's premises and servers. The customer does not need to own or maintain its own server infrastructure. The customer will pay on a consumption basis for the use of the hardware and software.


CADIA keeps the Brazilian Localization permanently updated and aligned with the current version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, in the “SaaS” model, through Microsoft AppSource.


Upgrade from Navision to Business Central

Business Central, the evolution of NAV (Navision) into a complete digital solution.

We have a team of experts at your disposal to help you make the transition to Business Central in an orderly and professional manner.

Please also note the configuration changes:

  • Business Central licenses are nominated, no longer concurrent.
  • The dual-user right disappears. Now the same user cannot access online and on-site.

You can trust us to offer you the best advice.

 Business Central is the technological evolution of Dynamics NAV (or Navision). If you are a Navision user, upgrading to BC will offer you a range of new possibilities without losing the main features of NAV that have always made it unique.





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